Are you feeling:

  • stressed,
  • disorganised and
  • worried about money?

Start feeling empowered, save money and finally feel happy with your financial future.

Hi I'm Jodie Nolan, author of Surviving the Storm, owner of Equis Financial Education and mother of two with over 15 years experience in finance and an MBA in Applied Finance. For years now people have have been asking me "What do I need to do to get myself organised when it comes to money?"

Most people tell me they are either too busy, don't know how to start, scared of finding or even asking a financial planner. But most of all they simply need a helping hand and a little guidance. After all… money is the one thing they never taught you in school, right?

No jargon, no sales hype, no crazy investment scheme, just down to earth, useful information and tools that are SO easy anyone can do it… AND from the comfort of your own home!

Every week for 12 weeks I'll be there by your side to support you all the way with videos each week to explain everything to you along with some amazing tools and simple tasks that by the end of the 12 weeks you'll wonder whats been stopping you all this time.

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12 Step Program12 Step Program

What you will learn

Each week you will be guided through simple steps you can follow to achieve confidence and develop goals regarding your finances. These 12 Steps will give you everything you need to know about:

  • De-cluttering and make room for success to arrive
  • Discover how you feel about money
  • Understand where your hard-earned dollars are ending up
  • How to get your debts under control
  • Great ways to commit to a savings strategy
  • Educating and empowering yourself about money
  • How to take actions that create immediate results
  • Ways to look at your investments and superannuation
  • Get clear about your goals
  • Why you should insure your income, life and home
  • What to do with all your savings, equity or windfall?
  • How to find your financial experts
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About the Author

This book was born from conflict and my inspiration to finally document the struggle I had in losing millions in Australia's largest financial collapse. Writing this book helped me find a pathway to recovery, financially and emotionally. I had worked within financial institutions for over 15 years and have come out of it feeling despondent with the whole financial planning arena, no longer wanting to be a tied planner to a bank or firm, but still with the desire to educate others on money.


My hope now is to inspire others to take the steps necessary to increase their wealth, recover from adversity or for those who just want to start NOW.

Surviving the Storm
Jodie Nolan