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Surviving the Storm


Thriving in Uncertainty


Jodie Nolan - Speaker

Jodie Nolan will inspire you while she teaches you.  Not only has Jodie been recognised as one of Australia’s leading financial advisors, but her personal experiences provide a dimension of credibility that many others lack.

A respected financial educator, author and keynote speaker, Jodie has extensive experience in the financial planning industry with major financial firms and institutional banks alike.  Her personal, yet professional manner generated a very loyal client base and she was recognised with many performance awards within these advisor roles.   


The mastermind behind the EQUIS Group’s revolutionary approach to financial education is renowned financial expert, author and keynote speaker, Jodie Nolan.


Not just a typical educator or motivator, Jodie shares her compelling story - a story of one individual’s courage to face adversity and go back to the financial basics to turn her situation around. Losing millions in a recent corporate collapse, together with the fall-out of the Global Financial Crisis, Jodie shows how restoring your financial health can be done, she is walking the talk! It appears easy to preach the road to success when you have known few failures, however Jodie shares with her audience how she built her wealth, how it was lost and most importantly, how she is building it back again!. Jodie believes that nothing is infallible when it comes to financial matters, no fool-proof financial strategy or 'safest' way to make money. Jodie firmly believes it is a combination of factors that shape your financial success and she shares them with her audience in a heartfelt, inspiring way.


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