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Surviving the Storm


Thriving in Uncertainty


Meet Jodie

Jodie Nolan was born in Darwin in 1976. She grew up in a supportive family who taught her a lot about money and management when she was young. Jodie is married to Peter and lives with her daughter and son in Sunshine Coast QLD.


Jodie is passionate about teaching people about money, the core fundamentals that should be taught in our schools - but still aren't. Jodie is making a real difference in not only adult financial education, but more importantly for our next generation to give them the best financial start possible.




About Surviving The Storm

After struggling with her own financial situation, Jodie found a way to direct her energies into a path to retrieve her wealth and help people along the way. Whether one is looking for solutions to personal finance issues or needs to maximise their business presence, each section of the book demonstrates step by step how one can easily recover and advance ones own financial position.


"This book was born from conflict. The struggle between my mind saying 'no more' to negative media and association and my heart saying 'yes' to initiating much needed change towards improving Australia's lack of financial literacy, in the hope that people will benefit," said Jodie. Read more about Surviving The Storm.




About Equis

EQUIS Group is a highly professional, affordable and unique education facility for people who are keen to learn more about money but unsure of who to trust, where to start or where to go to source credible, reliable information.  


Independent and commercial free, EQUIS offers smart, practical financial education in 2 hour, easy to understand workshops. Visit