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Surviving the Storm


Thriving in Uncertainty


  • Surviving the Storm

    Surviving the Storm
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    A great analogy Jodie Nolan, author of Surviving the Storm likes to refer to is when a golfer, cricketer of football star 'loses their form', their coach will often suggest they need to go back to the basics and build from there. There is no fancy footwork here, no complex strategies or angles of golf clubs; it is merely going back to basics. Surviving The Storm is your guide to taking back control of your financial future:

    • Five actions you can take right now to create immediate results
    • How to raise money smart children
    • Cash flow strategies to set your money free
    • How to create more income and less expenses
    • Super smart strategies to maximise your outcome
    • Why aren't most people wealthy?


    Until the 31st of March 2012 you will also receive a free budget planner and eBook when you purchase Surviving The Storm. These will be emailed to you when your book is dispatched from our office.