How to start with nothing and make millions

Jodie Nolan, mother of two, author and financial advisor with over 15 years of experience lost her millions in Australia's largest financial collapse. She has learnt to rebuild her wealth and is empowering others with knowledge about money management with her book 'Surviving the Storm'.

Surviving the Storm provides the building blocks to help Australian families, women, singles and retirees re-build their wealth or start from scratch. It offers advice and tips from an expert who has experienced both sides of the fence - great wealth and financial loss. This easy to read book provides a very real account of money management in today's world

Surviving the Storm
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What you will learn

A great analogy Jodie Nolan, author of Surviving the Storm likes to refer to is when a golfer, cricketer of football star 'loses their form', their coach will often suggest they need to go back to the basics and build from there. With no fancy footwork, no complex strategies or angles of golf clubs; it is merely going back to basics. Surviving The Storm is your guide to taking back control of your financial future:

  • Five actions you can take right now to create immediate results
  • How to raise money smart children
  • Cash flow strategies to set your money free
  • How to create more income and less expenses
  • Super smart strategies to maximise your outcome
  • Why aren't most people wealthy?

Order your copy of Surviving The Storm today and start living smart with money. Use the practical and easy to understand strategies and tools to help you get your financial future back on track.

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About the Author

This book was born from conflict and my inspiration to finally document the struggle I had in losing millions in Australia's largest financial collapse. Writing this book helped me find a pathway to recovery, financially and emotionally. I had worked within financial institutions for over 15 years and have come out of it feeling despondent with the whole financial planning arena, no longer wanting to be a tied planner to a bank or firm, but still with the desire to educate others on money.


My hope now is to inspire other women and families to take the steps necessary to increase their wealth again or for those who just want to start. It really can be done, we just need a bit of commitment.

Jodie Nolan
Surviving the Storm

Surviving the Storm